The Sports Centre creates an autonomous world with the sports in its nucleus. Its realization on the university campus would effect significant improvement as regards to the quality of life of both the students and the city area. The multifunctional sports hall in the centre of the building is surrounded by fitness and educational wings and by the offices of the club, which serve the development of sports culture and the organization of sport life. The institution is open towards the people and suitable for various sport events so as to become the public forum to meet sports. Besides the multiple inner possibilities, the appearance of the building communicates a clear-cut and unified image towards the outside world. The circular form has deep historical meaning and strong physical presence. As far as materials are concerned the sports centre is ambitious as well: stone and copper sheets appear on more important places and quality plaster and insulated glass on extensive surfaces.




feasibility study

architects: Zsófia Kovács, István Gyulovics, András Márk Bartha, Katalin Alkér

model: Judit Bakonyi