Spaces for collective and individual creation stand in focus of our concept.The volume of the creative hut of artists including a flower garden, stands in a birch grove which positions the building in a wider context between the Danube and the Börzsöny Hills. As if the house – like a thicket of the forest – set its limit and created its clearing where attention is drawn to the sky. The ring built up of the galleries, hall and service rooms turns outwards so that its inner band serving as a common outdoor work-, exhibition and event space can retain its clear surface.The structure of the house is made up of an inner wall bending slightly inwards towards the upper section and of a wooden column-beam roof resting on it. The yard of free shape surrounded by a circular porch can be interpreted as the innermost room of the house. In this big circle we search for the spiritual power of Mother Earth to join people coming here from different places to a powerful cultural community.





architects: Alkér Katalin, Bartha András Márk, Gyulovics István, Kovács Zsófia, Bakonyi Judit topographer, Ember Sári artist