On the shore of the beautiful Inner Lake at Tihany the Benedictines have a piece of land we had to find a complex use for. How can this primarily agricultural land become a public space, a meeting point for man and nature, for monks and guests? How can the guests seeking spiritual retreat get involved in gardening while the peace of the monks is provided and the interest of the tourists is fulfilled? In our project the garden and the house are intent to become part of the dynamic balance of the landscape. The cyclically repeated sequences of creative manual work and feasts breaking them link monks and their guests to a community. Our proposal has lately become part of the Building Zone Regulations of Tihany.




feasibility study

architects: Czigány Tamás DLA, Czita Építész Műterem, Alkér Katalin, Bartha András Márk, Gyulovics István, Kovács Zsófia