The Client wished to create a new, vandal-proof entrance and lettering for the barber shop suiting the original architecture of the building. The apartment house was built 1902 in historicist style. Its façade is decorated with red limestone from Tardos in the basement, with light limestone, probably from Süttő on the ground floor and with clinker on the upper two floors. In the 1980s the shops in the basement got box-like display cases, which cover the original architecture. In the course of the conversion the display-boxes should be removed, the original stone surfaces revealed and cleaned. The new door leaves can be folded back in front of the façade and make place for further information. The text consists of white box letters. The scissors in the sign are cut out, the lettering engraved and readable from both sides.


Budapest, XII.


announcement of townscape protection

architects: András Márk Bartha, István Gyulovics