The original house was designed by the architect Aladár Sós and built for the family of captain János Henkey. The mass of the house with its jerkinhead roof is without any pretense. The embattled artificial stone framing of the windows or the entrance door with its wrought iron grid are all lovable details. The new occupants of the ground floor flat asked us to redesign the inner spaces. Apart from modernizing the flat our basic intention was to preserve the character of the house and the inner spaces. Emphasized elements of the interior design are the kitchen and bath furniture made by Barlang Műhely, which obtain an elegant background by the subtle tone difference between the painted walls and the restored inner doors.


Architects: Zsófia Kovács, István Gyulovics

Architectural ceramics: Zsófia Kovács

Built-in furniture: Barlang Műhely

External doors and windows: Péter Ács

Mechanical engineer: Renergon Kft., Márton Varga

Photos: Mihály Radványi