“We are surrounded by gardens everywhere”, we only have to learn how to perceive them. Primarily the garden is the place for individual experience, where we meditate on creation, life and death, man and nature. Amidst our everyday life we look upwards and downwards for a while. On our way to work in the morning we run down the carpet of flowers and on the way back we can already look up to the colorful veil. In front of the post office we can wait for each other sitting on the garden-bench.

Our entry consists of two elements, which are explicable separately as well. Apart from the symbolism of the garden we considered the attachment to the place important in both cases. Although the garden is essentially different from the surrounding territory, it is fenced from it and interpreted by it. In one case (garden-carpet) the existing underpass is completed by a temporary element. In the other case a general function like the bench is made of stones from the Danube. We conceived the realization in cooperation with local companies from Szentendre.





architects:  Zsófia Kovács, István Gyulovics

sculptress: Veronika Tóth