The library wing of our proposal gives a definite spatial enclosure to the university building complex. The new block is linked to the student hostel through a shared foyer. Thus, an enclosed garden comes into being, which makes a difference of quality even in the use of the existing buildings. The foyer becomes sunlit and joins the courtyard with a large terrace suitable for public events. The restaurant can expand in the summer, while the water surface generates pleasant microclimate. The university garden used mainly as parking lot turns into green area used by the students thanks to an underground car park. The glassed public spaces on the ground floor communicate with the surrounding nature, while the upper floors of the library provide undisturbed, quiet atmosphere for study and work. With the façade of our building we would like to adapt to the characteristic main building covered with brick and to the neighbouring housing estate’s fine grit plaster. Its ornamentation evokes the rich forms of the old Bulgarian garden culture’s plantations. Detailed surfaces refine the mass built up of large units. For reading books and periodicals diffuse light is the most convenient, therefore we let natural light into our building only on the north side or through roof lights. The volume and the special spaces of the building, as well as the multi-storey inner openings make natural light reach all floors.


Budapest, XIV.



architects: Bartha András Márk, Gyulovics István, Kronavetter Péter, Kovács Zsófia, Alkér Katalin