In Törökbálint the design task was to convert one part of the house originally built for an automobile repair shop into a flat. We reinterpreted the big openings of the building resultant from its original function as fix glass walls and designed a home with a transparent structure and a lot of sunshine. The view of the rich vegetation of the garden provides dominant experience from every point of the flat. We devided the 48 sqm garage into functional units so as to preserve the integrity of the space, the intense connection and transparency between the rooms, while satisfying the demands of a 4-5 people family. The necessary partitions are provided by full-height doors so that the living room and the children’s room become one when they are open. The spatial unity of the flat is emphasized by light coloured, heated polished concrete floor prepared from own, experimental recipe. We aimed neutral appearance by hiding all kitchen machines in custom-made furniture and moderate use of colours.  On the façade we reduced frittering elements and joint openings together.





architect: András Márk Bartha